Seven Toe Ring Designs you must check out this Summer !!

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Well , Summers are back and it’s time to flaunt your feet.  Toe rings, once a tradition has now a day’s become an important fashion accessory in every women’s closet.

Suited for all occasions and time, Toe rings go well with your attire at home, workplace or party. Available in various designs and materials, these are loved by girls and women of all ages and all professions. So even if you are a professional, a home maker or a student , we are sure that this fashion piece is a must to complete your look.

With various designs and collections available in the market, it may become difficult to choose which one is the best for you since each design seems better than the other. We have complied for you the top 10 Toe Ring designs that you must try this summer.

1.   Evergreen (Sadabahar)

As the name suggests, this is all time favourite of many women. The floral design compliments all kinds of look.

2. Butterfly

This butterfly design will truly make you show off your feet as the elegant design adds that touch of class to your look.

3.Roses (Gulab)

Carry that rosy feel wherever you go with this rose look Toe-ring.  Your feet’s gonna catch everyone’s attention as the lovely Toe ring beautifies your feet.

4.Gems N Stones

The royal Toe ring studded with Ruby and American diamonds will be the reason of your pride and every other’s woman’s envy.

 5.Enamel Touch

Toe rings for those who just want perfection and nothing else. This Toe rings goes well with your Nail paint and matches that perfect look.

6.Shining Leaves

Pamper yourself with this gorgeous Shining leaves design Toe ring, the amazing cutwork glorifies the beauty of your feet.

7.Green Queen

For the Queen of Hearts, this marvellous and ravishing piece of Toe ring makes you feel on top of the world.

The designs are never ending , each and every piece of Toe Rings has its own grace and charm. You may want to mix and match your Toe rings as you change your look.

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