Queens of Minimalism

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Cancerian Women are Born Beautiful

  Cancer women are some of the most pleasant and caring ladies. These soft and delicate women have a very refined and a graceful personal style and are extremely passionate and intense when it comes to their emotions.


But making them fall in love or grabbing their attention, is not an easy game. But once they do, they do it with all their heart.So if you are now wondering what will make it work for you when trying to woo these strong elegant women, you need to look no further.You can now unravel the mystery by taking a cue from some of these stylish July-born divas:

Lindsay Lohan – July 2



Fondly known as Lilo, this pretty American actress never fails to charm us with her beautifully put-together looks. Something that catches the maximum attention is the perfect balance she maintains between her dresses and jewellery pieces.

Jessica Simpson - July 10

JS 1.jpg

JS 2.jpg

This fashionable American actress also has her own clothing line. Her distinctive style is an amazing combination of minimalism and vibrance, and that reflects significantly in both her clothing line as well as her appearances.  

Katrina Kaif - July 16


This leggy lass prefers to keep it simple when it comes to her personal style. From her hairstyle to her make-up, dresses and accessories, everything stands for simplicity and grace.

Priyanka Chopra - 18 July



Bollywood’s ‘desi girl’ loves to go minimal with her accessories. So whether it’s a day-out, an interview or a red carpet appearance, she always makes a statement with her effortless style and a magnificent personality.

Selena Gomez - 22 July


selena 3.jpg

This young and bubbly looking American actress and singer, has a dynamic way of carrying herself. She always manages to present herself in a different way with new hairdos and just the right touch of accessories and boldness to her looks.

So now that makes it quite evident that one needs to keep it quite basic and profound to win the heart of an elegant Cancerian damsel. And what can be better than a beautiful strand of fine pearls with a lovely bunch of flowers, to sweep her off her feet.





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