From My Mother's Trinket Box

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Some memories never fade, and especially the ones from our exuberant childhood days stick with us forever.I miss those innocent, frisky days where I would stroll around the house, scrawling on the walls with my mom’s brand new lipstick. Those days I could not lay my hand on her make-up items, At last I would end up exploring her wardrobe for her jewellery box and adorn myself with some of her majestic and precious pieces.




And after creating the mess, my cheeky self would get away from it all, with my sweet dazzling smile. But then while growing up, I realized that how fashionable mom’s genes that have been passed down to me.




So actually it wasn’t really my fault, after all. These enchanting, alluring pieces were hard to resist, in fact till date they are ravishing.What I really love about these timeless, vintage-inspired ornaments is that they are enduring..




These conventional gold ornaments from my parent’s wedding time are one of my mom’s favorites.




Though, I have always had a special place in my heart for this traditional exquisite Pearl set.










This is being the latest addition to my mom’s jewellery collection, the most contemporary in terms of design and inception.But aged or modern, I am simply fond of them all and now I just wish to inherit all her exquisite jewellery pieces, just like I have being bestowed with her blingy genes.


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