Fashion Jewellery Care Tips !!

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We all know that Fashion Jewellery is fun, as well as a great way to revamp an outfit; it’s wonderfully wallet-friendly, but it is also very delicate. Imitation and Gold Plated Jewellery have become part of Fashion as it allows you to enjoy luxury of real gold in an affordable price. However, the plating surface has a certain lifespan and requires a proper care and maintenance to prolong its life.

So to prevent these accessories and beads from breaking or tarnishing on you, follow these simple tips, which will keep your Fashion Jewellery always looking Fabulous, Fresh and Intact.

  1. Cautious Contact

Never allow your fashion jewellery to come in contact with harsh chemicals, oils, nor spray perfumes directly on them. This will cause the jewellery to fade, discolour, or even ruin them completely. And we wouldn’t want that!

  1. Tarnish Prevention

To prevent jewellery tarnishing, use some anti-tarnish tissue paper to wrap your fashion jewellery in, which will give your jewellery the best protection against blemishing. Also, for a nice polished finish, use a soft cloth or an eyeglasses cleaning cloth, either way- both work wonders.

  1. Storage

Store your Jewellery in a Jewellery box or other secure container that will prevent your baubles from moving around. You can also store your Jewellery in a silk or velvet pouch and put each pouch in a decorative shoe box.  

  1. Avoid Water contact

So before you do the dishes, hop into the shower, or go to the gym, take off all your fashion jewellery, including your favourite everyday pieces...that you would never take off, to prevent liquid damage. Have in mind, Fashion Jewellery plating is usually thin and can eventually wear off, so be careful!

Fashion jewellery is not meant to last forever, but why not try to make it last, as long as you can!

We hope these tips guide you on how to care for your fashion jewellery; in order to give your jewellery collection the longevity that it deserves.


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